Dealing with a Loud Spa Pump


“Spa” and “hot tub” are no longer unknown terms and no one actually needs an explanation of how pleasing a spa experience is. People who have just come to know how beneficial a spa is, have moved on to the thought of owning one, and those who already own it are looking forward to improve it with additional features and renovations. Spas serve not only as a a great means of relaxation and enjoyment but also as a therapy for some problems such as muscle pain. Furthermore, they also enhance sleep and improve blood circulation.

Some of the latest advancements in technology have made spa experience even better. Adjustable jets are a fine example of this progress – one of the most crucial hot tub parts, which controls the flow of water, can now be aligned as per the needs of the user. As a result, the massaging effect of water can be centered on a specific group of muscles. Creation of variable speed spa pumps and dual speed spa pumps was another major innovation in spa technology. With the control on the speed of spa pumps, users can save on energy costs.

Furthermore, several companies today are coming up with excellent spa filtration products. Master Spas filter cartridges, for instance, are in demand. The list of products offered by these companies also includes filter-cleaning solutions and filter grids.

Regardless of regular maintenance, certain problems in electrical machines are inevitable. Unfortunately, the same holds true for spa pumps as well. One of the major troubles faced by spa owners is the noise generated by a spa pump. While you are relaxing in your spa, the last thing you want is an irritating sound that disrupts your peace of mind. It is thus better to take care of this noise as soon as possible, rather than getting accustomed to it. The noise can be caused by any one of the following factors:

A seized spa pump causes a steady buzzing noise. The seizure is usually caused by worn-out bearings. In this case, the noise is accompanied with heater problems and hindrance in water circulation.

Faulty Bearings:
If the bearings of your spa pump are faulty, it is likely to make a grinding noise. This usually happens after the ball bearings have gone through a lot of wear-and-tear.

The best way to fix the noise problem in a spa pump, regardless of which factor is causing the same, is to replace the pump. A noisy pump will eventually stop working – it is thus better to replace it as soon as possible.

The logic is the same as that with filter cartridges – once your filter cartridges go bad, you look for a high-quality replacement such as Master Spas replacement cartridges. Similarly, you should look for a first-grade replacement pump once the current one gets too loud.

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