Canadian Spa Filter for Effective Spa Maintenance

The chilling winters of Canada can run down your spine making you freeze. Having a hot tub is a great way to stay warm for the local residents of the country especially during the winters. Though, hot tubs do require some maintenance, but this is something very simple and can be accomplished with ease.

There are several different types of spa-filters available in the market. Whatever type of filter you choose to purchase, the primary purpose of spa filters is to keep the hot tub water clean. Water passes over the filter where the filtering element traps all sorts of contaminants thus releasing crystal clear water.

Sundance-Spa-2011Ensuring regular maintenance of your spa-filter ensures better hot tub performance. Besides better performance, you tend to make more cost savings as maintaining your hot tub water will prevent rear and tear of pump seals, pump union o-rings and other hot tub gears that could get damaged due to poor water quality.  A clogged and dirty filter puts undue pressure on the pump allowing it to work harder than normal.

Filters need to be replaced with new spa filters every year depending on frequency of hot tub usage for optimum performance. Though, spa filters are offered by reputed brands, you can opt for generic filters to avail cost savings.  As a matter of fact, though generic filter types could be availed at discounted prices, the quality of filter media used is not compromised upon.

We at Pool Filters offer the best selection for spa filters and spa filter cartridges. We offer filters and other spa maintenance accessories of leading brands such as Pleatco, Filbur or Unicel at discounted prices. Products offered by us come with warranty, which in itself is a confirmation of their durability. We ensure great customer satisfaction besides free shipping.

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