Spa Filters

When you own a Jacuzzi or a spa, it is imperative you pay some attention to its maintenance as well. If you want every bathe and dip of your to be just as refreshing, you need to make sure that the water is refreshed regularly. The easiest and simplest way to do that is by using a filter for your spa.

A spa filter, as the name suggests, filters out all the grime and debris from your hot bath water and leaves behind crystal-clear and healthy water for you to enjoy. But this needs some special care and attention, because a dirty filter and unclean water can be hazardous to your health, can harm the pool and can totally void the warranty of the filter. Therefore, it is important that you clean the filter regularly and replace it when needed. Most of the products suggest that you should replace the filter every year, but the time may vary depending upon your usage. If you maintain it well and clean it regularly and thoroughly, and observe other precautions like avoiding oils and lotions and reducing hair-fall, the filters might run well for well over a year. On the other hand, if you use it rather harshly, they might falter within a matter of months. Thus, if you want to incur less maintenance charges and want the longevity of your filters, you might want to clean them thoroughly more often.

Filters are an essential and integral part of a hot tub in a Jacuzzi in case you are particular about the cleanliness of the spa. Thus, it would be nice to employ a few golden rules to maintain them properly. To begin with, you can rinse off the visible dirt with the help of a garden hosepipe. You can also use chemical cleaners like Muriatic acid to remove any Calcium deposits that might harm the filters. Apart from this, you should also change the water of the hot bath 2-3 times a year and during that period you should make sure that the filters are thoroughly cleaned and replaced as well. An extra filter or two will always come in handy and be useful while you’re completely cleaning the already installed ones. Also, it has been seen that using two filters alternatively increases the lifespan of both as compared to using one filter rigorously. Unclean filters will lead to it not performing efficiently and thus cleaning it regularly is a must. Also, not cleaning the filters regularly will lead to more complex and expensive maintenance. Because hot water attracts more impurities, thus colder regions that use hot water regularly need to have a good filtration system installed. For example, Canadian spa filters need to be of a good quality and be maintained by regular cleaning.

Thus, thorough cleaning of your filter system not only ensures that you have clean and fresh water for your spa but also increases the performance, effectiveness and longevity of the filters.

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