Cartridge Pool Filters-Are they Your Best Option?

Cartridge filters has been available in the market for quite a long time now, and has achieved great popularity, rapid growth and acceptance in the recent times. This type of filter comprises of single or multiple cartridges inside the filter housing. These cartridges are made up of numerous pleats made up of material that generally comprises of polyester fibers. The pleats are responsible for increasing the filtration surface area which improves the entire filtering process.

The cartridge element captures dirt, debris and all sorts of impurities when water passes through a cartridge pool filter. Initially when the cartridge is clean it will trap larger particles, however with time as the pores become clogged, finer particles get trapped as the pores become clogged by the larger particles. These filters are capable of trapping particles 10 to 20 microns in size.

The cartridge element of these filters can be removed and unsoiled by pressure washing thoroughly with a garden hose. In fact, this feature of easy maintenance is in deed the most popular feature of cartridge filters. The cartridge element of these filters could be easily replaced with a new filtering element in case it gets worn and torn out. General edition of the original manufacturers’ cartridges are accessible for several models which in turn will save you some money.

In order to achieve maximum output from your filter, regular upkeep and maintenance is required. It is therefore important to understand when your filter requires cleaning. One of the most important part of your pool filter is the pressure gauge. The pool filter functions at low pressure. As the cartridge collects dirt and debris from pool water the flow of water through the pump decreases. Consequently, the gauge pressure rises. When the pressure goes beyond 10 psi which is above the normal pressure, it is time to clean or replace the pool filter.

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