Methods of Cleaning a Cartridge Pool Filter

Dirty and clogged cartridges can be cleaned with soaps and water. But then this also creates problem as the suds get inside the folds of the cartridge pleats and it becomes difficult to run it off. So, it is recommended that the cartridges be cleaned with water only. Spraying with water cleans the dirt that sticks on its surface. Acid use can also be useful for removing particles that stick on the cartridge body. But one should resort to acid cleaning only if the dirt is too sticky and cannot be released with mere water. Filter cartridges are very compact and can be kept immersed in acid solutions overnight.

Rinsing with acid removes almost 90 percent of the sticking dirt. Then the filtering medium needs to be rewashed with water and dried in bright sunlight. The filtering medium can be refitted in the filter for restarting the filtration process. This done on regular basis keeps the filter active and usable all the time. The cartridge filters are portable and are easily installable. The filter can be bought from manufacturers and installed in ponds very easily. Manufacturers such as Hayward, Doughboy and Harmsco are good choices to make.

Filters of these brands when installed keep the pool free from impurities. The cartridge keeps on coagulating dirt and debris on its surface. When impurities get piled and the filter pressure rises to 8 psi, the cartridge has to be removed from the filter interior and washed thoroughly with water and acids.

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