Cal Spa Filters: A Wonder for Home Spas

It is a good idea to keep replacing the cartridge used in filters instead of washing it. This saves a lot of time of pool users and they do not have to undergo pains while cleaning their clogged in filters parts. It is recommended for spas too as then the water released in jets is absolutely clean and refined. It is a very good idea to use cal spas filters in your home spas. They are awesome for their filtering ability and amazing replacement options.

Spa products such as cal filters can be used in all types of spas – small or big. It means you can install this filtering medium in a two seated or an eight seated spas. They are efficient to keep the water used in your spa vividly clean. With brands like cal spas, things also become much simpler whenever coagulation of dirt occurs on the cartridge surface. The clogged cartridges can be easily replaced with a new one. It is not necessary to replace it with a cartridge of the same brand. You can easily fit in a marquis spas cartridge in replacement for cal spas. It will work just as efficiently as the previous cartridge that you have been using. If you want to clean it for re-use, then it will be good to soak it in tri-sodium phosphate solutions, muriatic acids and chlorine. This will kill all micro-organisms and also remove sticky substances. Having done so, simply wash the cartridge with water.

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