Pool Furniture Buying Advice

When selecting pool furniture, it is important to consider the elements. Good outdoor furniture is made to withstand rain, wind, sun, falling tree and bush debris, not to mention wet swimmers in their swimming suits. You also want to take comfort into consideration. Unlike regular old patio furniture, you’ll be lounging on your pool furniture only partially dressed.

Since you’ll probably only use your pool furniture part of the year, weight should also be a consideration. You want something heavy enough so it won’t be blown about during a summer storm, but you also want something lightweight enough that moving it around the deck or into storage doesn’t require a huge amount of exertion. If you don’t have a lot of extra storage space, choose stackable or folding pool furniture.

Best Types of Pool Furniture

* Wrought-iron (resists rust)
* Cast Aluminum (resists rust)
* Teak or Cedar (both weather gracefully)
* Heavy-duty Plastic (rain repellent + lightweight)

Some like outdoor wicker or rustic twig furniture, but remember to buy something that won’t be scratchy against bare skin. Also, rustic twig furniture, while looking good outdoors, requires regular sealant application.

When shopping for cushions for your swimming pool furniture, you will find hundreds of colors and patterns available. Make sure to buy cushions specifically designed for outdoor use. It’s best to get cushions made of quick-drying foam, then covered with a material that resists mildew, water, and fading from the sun.

No matter what kind of pool furniture you buy, it’ll serve you best if you take the time to do some preventative maintenance and cleaning now and then. This will help your furniture have a long life.